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The Basics & Continuing Explorations

Group classes are the best way to maintain the changes and improvement you make in your muscle function. After just one Clinical Somatic 1-1 or a Movement Class, the ability to sense and become body aware will have increased. 

Movement classes continue to work with reversing your Sensory Motor Amnesia.

The Cat Stretch Series  introduces the basic foundation movements developed by Thomas Hanna (Hanna Somatics). 

Weekly Move with Ease classes are explorations in bringing further awareness to how you move through your day, create new neural pathways and support the work of your Clinical Somatic Education sessions.  

Winter 2020 MOVE WITH EASE Series

Fridays 9:00- 10:00 am

January 10th - March 13th

Cost: $160  (tax included)

Private Movement Classes 

1-2 Participants:  $70 

3-4  Participants:  $80 

60 minutes in length