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Pen to Paper with the AWA Method

Have you written before... or not?
Maybe you would like to start.....or maybe you are stuck?
Is there a story that you'd like to tell but not sure how to get your pen to the paper?

There is no time like the present.

Using prompts and exercises to flex your writing muscle and step out of your own way with the supportive AWA Method. By treating every piece as fiction, the safe container of AWA refrains from questions, critiques, suggestions or giving personal anecdotes as feedback on first draft work. Instead the focus is on finding the supportive qualities of 3 key points:
What is Strong?

What stayed with You?

What we like?  

"AWA is an international community of writing workshop leaders committed to the belief

that a writer is someone who writes & every writer has a unique voice.

AWA workshops follow a proven method that affirms writers by building confidence,

creating an atmosphere of equal exploration, and protecting confidentiality."

Thursday February 20th - March 12th  

9:30 - 11:30 am

$100.00 (tax included)

Space is limited to 8.